Break Bread

As part of our mentorship with Engine Digital, we were asked, how can we reduce isolation and create community in Vancouver?
I worked closely with Emily Huynh and Isaac Mak on research, concepting and branding. Emily’s focus was on UX design, Isaac created illustrations, and I assembled the brand story. Mentorship by Matthew Johnson, Gracelle Mesina and Rhian Tate.
A lack of public spaces that don’t exclude people based on culture or religious belief aggravates social isolation in Vancouver. It also contributes to maintaining long-term connections with people. 

When people feel isolated, they don’t participate in their local government or give back to their community. These behaviours are believed to contribute to mental health issues. With over 35% of the population in Vancouver saying they felt lonely in the last year, it is a topic that needs to be addressed.

Through research we recognized sharing meals is a great ice breaker for meeting new people and reducing isolation within a community. We also recognized people do not want to download another app when they already have so many.
Break Bread an experience within the Airbnb platform, connects people at a Airbnb host’s home for a friendly neighbourhood meal.